Universal Immuno Buffer, Universal Antibody Dilution Buffer, 
Antibody Dilution Buffer ready to use with BSA, Immunoglobulin free. 

Proteins and Protein Conjugates

Peroxidase Conjugates, Lysozyme Biotin conjugates

IHC Reagents and Kits

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Counter Stains

Hematoxylin- Immuno/Histo aqueous -Excellent counter stain for Immunohistochimstry and  nuclei staining. 
Eosin,Nuclear FastRed  

Antibodies: Monoclonal, polyclonal and Secondary Antibodies

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Antigen Retrievers, Detergents and Blocking reagents

Trypsin reagent, Pepsin reagent, Pronase reagent





ImmunoBioScience Corp. (IBSC) I Product list

ImmunoBioScience Corp. focuses on developing High Quality Reagents for use in ImmunoHistochemistry. We are dedicated to providing user friendly products, delivered on time.
We are located in the city of Mukilteo, in the state of Washington, USA.

Mounting Media

Fluoroshield -An aqueous medium for preserving fluorescence of tissue and cell smears. 
ImmunoHistoMount-A permanent aqueous mounting medium. 
Organo (Limonene) Mount -Perfect for preserving tissues and cell smears that can be dehydrated with organic solvents in Immunohistochemistry. This product is made with natural product from Orange Peels.